Ivan is a first-rate Bible teacher and one of the best lecturers I’ve ever listened to. His love for Scripture is obvious, his theological knowledge top notch, and his mind capacious. On top of these noble characteristics, Ivan is relentlessly personal and uniquely gifted by our Lord for bridging the gap between inaccessible scholarship and those in the church longing but struggling to go deeper. Some trips to the Holy Lands are full of heart but lacking in theological rigor; others are full of theological grist but lacking in language and posture that attends to the soul. A trip with Ivan and Sacred Bridge Travel will doubtlessly be double-barreled — both heart-felt and theologically rich. I’ve been a close, personal friend of Ivan’s since the late 90’s. I commend him most heartily as a teacher, preacher, fellow sojourner, and thinker extraordinaire — and above all as a beautiful brother in Christ. I only wish I could come on this trip myself!