Emperor Hadrian’s “Second Coming” to Jerusalem!

Bronze portraits of the Emperor Hadrian, from the British Museum (left); the Israel Museum (center);and the Louvre (right)

Rarely is a conqueror received with such fanfare by the city he conquered, but that is what is happening in Jerusalem right now. The man who in the early 130’s C.E. sparked the Jews in Judea to open rebellion and then brutally crushed them and banished them from the land in 132 C.E., is now being welcomed back with open arms. No, I don’t mean the real, living, Hadrian or, Imperator Caesar Traianus Hadrianus Augustus, as he was officially known.  He is long passed and now only exists in history books, inscriptions and statues. But, yes two of his statues are coming, indeed have already made their “parousia” in Jerusalem.  So, if you want to see the face of the man some Jews thought was the Antichrist, come with us to Israel in April and you will.

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