Jerusalem-old-city-streetsBy travelling to the Holy Land and experiencing it with all five senses, you will see the deep connection between the biblical story and the land where it all happened. As you experience Israel’s geography, visit archaeological sites, and feel the changing climate from desert to temperate hill country, your mind and heart will be quickened to understand the Bible in ways you had not imagined.

Ivan-CC-LaoedeciaIt is one thing to read of Herod’s great engineering projects, it is another to see the ruins of Herod’s Jerusalem temple or his seemingly impregnable fortress at Masada or his seaside villa at Caesarea Maritima (where Cornelius the Roman Centurion was converted to Christianity and from where Paul set sail for Rome). A trip to Mount Hermon and to Caesarea Philippi will help you understand why Jesus took his disciples there to ask them, “Who do you say that I am?” Hiking in the wilderness of En Gedi will reveal why David went there to hide from Saul and why he referred to God as his Rock. Experience the dry desert air and you will appreciate how the Dead Sea Scrolls were preserved at Qumran for over 2000 years. Visit Megiddo and understand why John used Armageddon as the stage for the final battle. Play detective in deciding which of two sites is the place where Jesus was crucified and buried. A short hike in the desert will give an idea why God sent all his leaders there to be tested.