Famous people who never got to pilgrimage to the Holy Land


Two very famous people who ardently desired to visit Israel but never got to do so before they died:

  1. One was… wait for it… Moses – the founder of Israel, who very dearly wanted to go into the Holy Land (see Dt. 3:23ff) but never got to enter it in his lifetime, despite leading his people for 40 years towards to the Promised Land. 
  2. The second…. Pres. Abraham Lincoln.

Lincolns-Battle-with-God-bookcoverAccording to his wife Mary, these were Lincoln’s last words to her minutes before he was assassinated:

“We will not return immediately to Springfield. We will go abroad among strangers where I can rest.” (speaking about his retirement after politics)…”‘We will visit the Holy Land” he said as he leaned toward her so as not to disturb the others in the theatre….“We will visit the Holy Land and see those places hallowed by the footsteps of the Savior. There is no place I so much desire to see as Jerusalem.”

From Stephen Mansfield’s study on Lincoln.

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