It is my great pleasure to commend my friend Ivan De Silva, a gifted and erudite Bible teacher. I first met Ivan as my student in the early 1980’s. Since then, we have grown to become friends and partners in several writing projects. In 2007 Ivan helped edit some of the chapters of my book An Old Testament Theology. In 2013 he assisted in proofing my upcoming book, Finding the Will of God. Currently we are working together to produce a shorter version of my two volume commentary on Proverbs. I have had the pleasure of co-teaching several biblical studies courses with Ivan at Trinity Western University, and have found him to be a kindred spirit not only in teaching the Bible, but also in embodying its call to faith and trust in the Lord of the Bible. I have no doubt that accompanying Ivan on a biblical travel tour to the Holy Lands would be a faith building and life altering experience and highly commend the trip to everyone.