After leading and organizing several academic travel studies to both Old Testament and New Testament lands for TWU University, friends and members of the church approached Ivan to lead private tour groups to the Holy Lands.
And so Sacred Bridge Travel was born…


In small groups led by Ivan, which become your church family and community for the journey, you will experience the lands of the Bible in a whole new way and understand how those places were used as the Sacred Bridge, across which God called and sent His people to change the world.

An SBT Biblical Travel Tour will draw you into a deeper understanding of the Christian faith and to a closer walk with the Lord, as Ivan’s clear but challenging expositions of the sites bring together the biblical, political, historical, archaeological, geographical, and contemporary contexts of each place.  The tour itineraries have been hand selected and designed by SBT to give Pilgrims a thorough taster into all of the key biblical sites, as well as a complete overview of the holy lands to best understand the setting in which the biblical events took place.  As one recent Pilgrim put it, “you will feel filled to the brim, yet thirsting for more”.

sbt-logoAt SBT we feel that about two-weeks is the ideal length of time for a Biblical Travel Tour, to get the best impact out of your personal commitment and investment into the trip, to see a significant portion of the various countries visited, and to return home with a wealth of experiences to process and apply throughout your spiritual journey.  All of the travel logistics and details are handled directly by Ivan and his wife Carol, who coordinate with local, professional tour companies, guides, and bus drivers, to ensure a smooth, worry-free, all-inclusive tour package.  We consider your personal safety our top priority and we take international travel security very seriously, both before and during the tour, to make sure you return home safely.  On tour, Pilgrims need time to reflect and contemplate beyond the hustle and bustle of the tour day, so we like to take time out as a group to share stories, reflect, pray together, have devotionals, and even sing and worship – this is one of the many advantages of travelling in a small and intimate tour group.

We hope you will join us soon for an SBT Biblical Travel Tour, and please do not hesitate to email us or leave us a note on the Contact page if you require any information – no question is too big or too small to be left unasked!

Our next SBT trip is planned for Israel and Jordan in Spring 2017 – click for more information.  We hope you will join us!

Ivan-Carol-EphesusCarol & Ivan outside Ephesus Library facade, Turkey, May 2014.